The Misconceptions of Meditation and Yoga within Communities of Color

Many misconceptions surround yoga and meditation that hold people back from indulging, especially people of color. For starters, most people hold a stereotype towards yogis, thinking they do not fit into that stereotype. So, they easily conclude that yoga is just not their thing. But hey, these are just misconceptions. Yoga and meditation are beneficial […]

How Therapy Can Benefit Communities of Color

The average black person considers mental illness a weakness and so avoids acknowledging the problem and seeking help. Also, many Asian cultures keep mental health issues within the family, as seeking external help may bring shame and soil their reputation. These issues are also prevalent among the Hispanic community, which prioritizes self-reliance and stoicism. But […]

Silent Struggles: The Need for Mental Health Support Among Minorities

Although there has been a call for inclusion in the mental health space, minority communities in the US including Blacks, Latinos, and Asians are still widely underrepresented. Whites make up 75.9% of all psychologists. In contrast, 10.8% are Hispanic/Latino, while Black psychologists make up only 5.1% Understandably, we can put this down to the fact that […]

Why Companies Like Loop Health Are Essential to the Communities They Serve

Why We Created Loop Health Did you know that minority populations in the United States are more likely than Whites to experience chronic mental health disorders with more severe symptoms? Yet, white adults (16.6%) seek mental health services more frequentlythan Black (8.6%), Hispanic (7.3%), and Asian (4.9%) adults. That means many people of color are battling with mental […]

Restore Balance: Embracing Self-Care and Mental Health in Communities of Color

In the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our vibrant communities of color, there exists a resilience and strength unparalleled. Yet, amidst the beauty and diversity, there’s a shared experience that often goes unspoken – the journey toward maintaining mental health and well-being. At Loop Health, we recognize the importance of this journey, understanding […]